Welcome to "Broken Clover", the webcomic!!

7-23-11-- First update!! For now, I'm just adding the pages. This website will change a lot for a while but hopefully, when I have time after finals, I will be able to spice it up a bit! To check out my other comics, just click on the links above!!

8-29-11-- Second update!! I got a lot of feedback from people: thanks so much!! If anyone else would like to send some feedback, feel free to click on the "About This Comic" link above for my contact information. I decided for my third page to use color pencils for a change and I also changed the font. I hope you all like the changes I made :D. See you next month!! Hopefully I will have a longer page as an update.

8-31-11-- Site update! So, now I have added the archives. I will include the date when the update was made next to the corresponding page, just to make life easier for everyone. In the meantime, if you want to check out my other comics, the links are available on the banner above. Please take a look at those too if you have the time :D Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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